Hydrotherapeutics is a fundamental part of any balneology centre. The hydro treatments use the healing power of the mineral water for rehabilitation or to cure various diseases.
Modern hydrotherapy comprises complex individual or group water based treatments that derive from the richness and power of the mineral water in all its forms.
Internal treatments with mineral water: by drinking, gargling, performing washes, etc. Irrigation treatments, hydro-colon therapies, intestinal washes.
External treatments with mineral water: by treating the body in special bath tubes, showers and therapeutic pools.
The external water treatments can be performed in special therapy bath tubs, in bath tubs using different kinds of gases to heal parts of the body: carbon-acids, hydrogen sulfide, pearl baths, baths of Hauffe, tangentor bath tubs, aero-massage tubs, therapeutic and physiotherapy pools, showers areas with different healing functions, Charcot shower, Vichy shower.