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Attractions for swimming pools with waves

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  • Attractions with water slides
  • Attractions with rafts
  • Waterfall attractions
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Water park аttractions

Wellness and SPA

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Thalasso SPA

Holistic SPA

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Outdoor fountains

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Swimming pools

Family pools

Pools for you and your family in line with your preferences and way of life.

Attraction pools

Pools with amusement areas and water attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Balneological y physiotherapeutical pools

Pools designed for persons with disabilities according to their level of invalidity for carrying out therapies with a physiotherapist.

Sports pools

Pools designed and built according to all European and world standards for organising sport competitions.

Eco pools

Pools, in which the water is being filtered and cleaned without the use of chemicals.

Designers pools

Pools, which are matching in a unique designers fashion the natural environment  or city milieu  reflecting the standard of living of the Client.

Hydro massage pools

Pools with areas for waterfalls, geysers, recliners and benches for hydro massages.

Pools with waves

Pools with different sizes and types of waves for your full enjoyment.

Pools for surfing

Pools specialised for surfing experiences for people who like being on the crest of the wave.

‘Slow river’ pools

Pools with a system for the water to circulate in a slow motion within the pool.

Pools for kids

Pools with a depth of up to 60 cm matching all safety rules and regulations.



Pressure therapy
Oxygen therapy
Pearl bath
Whirlpool bath
Dry flotation
Lye therapy
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