NOLA7 is a professional company, which has established itself as a leader on the market for design and implementation of projects in the hospitality and water leisure sectors.

With over 25 years of experience in planning and consulting, concept and technical as well as interior/exterior design; implementation and maintenance of different types of projects, NOLA7 is an expert in:

  • Water Parks;
  • Animated musical fountains;
  • Complex swimming pool systems;
  • SPA and Wellness centres;
  • Entertainment oases;
  • Sport Centres.

We employ all our energy and passion to deliver personalised project solutions, which have a proven track record of successful investments over time. We consult and guide our clients, staying by them, throughout all stages of the project realisation, while we guarantee an accurate, timely and professional implementation.
Furthermore, our portfolio of services includes: performing reports and valuations, connected to the tendencies and different aspects in tourism; initiation, application, monitoring and assessment of development strategies and/or improvement of the tourist product and/or niche, based on regional or national policies in the tourist sector in many geographical areas and in different cultural environments.

We build business models, we implement your dreams.

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The Team

Ivan Tanev, MBA

Nikolay Metev,

Alexander Mostrov, MEng Chemical Engineering,
Commercial Director

Lillia Todorova, MBA
Financial Director


Tanju Bilyalov,
Commercial Director


Andrey Velchev, PhD
Corporate Communications Director

Tasia Tassova, SAMP
International Business Development

Hristo Penchev WebsiteProfile

Hristo Penchev,
International Business Development



Tsanko Hadjiev,
Technical Director


Pavlin Kateliev,
Regional Manager


Ivaylo Pantev,
Regional Manager


Svetlin Pashev,
Regional Manager


Georgi Bozhkov,
Regional Manager

Our Story

It was towards the end of 1989, when the Berlin wall ceased to be the symbol of division between the East and the West. Bulgaria was about to turn a new page in its chronicle, and set forth on a journey that young entrepreneurs had been negated to undertake for nearly 5 decades.

Then, along came Ivan Tanev, a passionate young man, with a keen eye for business. In 1991 he established a company that would within three years grow to become NOLA7. A company that at the time focused on being a preeminent swimming pool company. NOLA7’s attention to quality and singular projects fuelled expansion across 7 regions in Bulgaria by the end of 1996.

At that point in time, NOLA7 was participating in nearly all new hotel and resort projects, further proving NOLA7’s ability to meet even the most difficult challenges and deadlines. Soon, offices in Romania and Greece, along with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, retail and wholesale shops, warehouses and a production plant would also become part of the water and wellness story. 

Difficult times due to the financial instability in the home country – hyper inflation and public protests, marked 1997. Notwithstanding the troubled situation, NOLA7 continued creating new technologies for its SPA and WELLNESS projects across the Balkans, innovating and leading the market of water leisure internationally.

Russia was Ivan’s next strategic move. He established a company there in 2005, determined to grow NOLA7 abroad. Key projects such as sport pools, leisure pools, indoor water parks and exquisite private SPA’s aided in pushing client expectations even further. NOLA7’s singular projects, unique selling point and outstanding designs were now in high demand.

During that period, NOLA7 expanded to 540 permanent employees. The Global Financial Crisis in 2007 hit the Western economies and took a toll forcing NOLA7 face one of its greatest challenges. Revenues shrank and growth became stagnant. Unfortunately, the team had to be halved. Henceforth, new business strategies were to be sought out really quickly.

As part of the new strategic plan, NOLA7 International was established in 2009 in London. The outstanding Archerfield project in Scotland was nominated among the top 5 candidates for THE SPA, HEALTH and LEISURE DESIGN AWARD, in November 2011.

NOLA7 underwent expansion in China with over 15 projects to date, working with international brands such as Mariott, Le Méridien, Bvlgari.

NOLA7 designed and implemented the first Thai-Hammam in the world. It combines the traditional Turkish hammam with the authentic Thai recreational treatments.
The only one of its kind SPA complex in Thailand, the 5* Amatara Resort, was nominated for being the most luxurious SPA for 2016.

After 25 years of professional experience, NOLA7 is a trusted partner, a field expert, and a visionary in the water leisure and wellness market. NOLA7 continues to stay focused on South East Asia and the Middle East, looking for new partners and new opportunities to expand.


Awards § Certificates

Contact Us

Head office – Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 2 400 15 37, +359 2 962 99 10, +359 2 400 15 33
Mob.: +359 882 444 250, +359 882 444 252

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