Converting an old dusty room into a starry snow room

You have got this old dusty room or basement that you are thinking of how to make it really look different and surprising for your friends and guests, in a totally unique manner and … function. A starry snowy room can be a one off solution for you.

ice room tasia

Before anything, remember that any cold treatments are to be applied in conjunction with a hot one such as a hot shower, swimming pool or a sauna or, if you are really big on the experience, all of these can be done altogether.

You will have a beautiful cold room designed and decorated with a moon fire effects, artificial rocks and ice and snow covering parts of the room or, if preferred, even greater parts of the room combined with a  spectacular snow falling attraction from the starry night sky – a ceiling that is going to emanate the peacefulness of the universe…


The water parks are there to find the balance between thrill and comfort for the majority of preferences. Some of us love the excitement of being helplessly twisted, turned, splashed into water with great speed! No one seems to be immune to the happiness caused by the endorphin boost, and the bottom of the slide is usually a place where the most beautiful smiles (even from the grumpiest faces) can be seen! Still some are not the thrill seekers and there is nothing wrong with that. The water park is a place where everyone can find and follow their own rhythm – apart from riding the slides, you can relax, read your favorite book while getting your Vitamin D and tan from the sun or have a go at the bar or restaurants . And there are plenty of smooth, relaxing rides – why not take your favorite cocktail and take a ride on the “lazy river”?


Bringing together the entire hospitality industry, HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO was a unique opportunity for making new contacts, expanding the client and partnership network, and carrying out business meetings with professionals from all over the world and from all walks  of tourism.

During the first day, the exhibition was accessible only for professionals, which provided a comfortable working environment for meeting current and future partners. Every year, HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO welcomes more than 350 exhibiting companies and over 20 000 professionals from the tourism industry – participants, visitors and guests.