If you are a client who already owns more than 4 SPA’s and you are planning on developing more than 2 SPA’s in the next two years, NOLA7 is your perfect partner to establish your own brand and support you with the management of your SPA,operational audit, and technical maintenance of your branded SPA’s. Wherever necessary, existing SPA’s can be rebranded in order to fit the new branding line and marketing strategy. NOLA7 will provide a holistic approach towards the organisation and operation of your SPA.



You can inquire information on the seven NOLA7 exclusive SPA and WELLNESS Brands, NOLA7 has just created in 2016, as well as the details regarding their franchise. If you are opting for a NOLA7 branded SPA, please provide details about your projects such as the dimensions of the place you intend to convert into a high end SPA, whether it is part of a hotel resort, shopping centre or a health centre as well as the target groups you will be focusing on. All of the seven NOLA7 exclusive SPA and WELLNESS Brands are dedicated to a special topic and highlight a particular treatment or experience.
Please, contact us to provide you with more information on our NOLA7 franchising program.

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