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Four NOLA7 SPA projects made it again to the hall of fame

Images, 3D’s and plans for four SPA projects were submitted upon the request of the prestigious Images Publishing Group for the next edition of Spa Interior Design. The Chinese office of the publishing house, originally based in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in London and New York has writers, editors and distribution agents actively working with it worldwide, selected NOLA 7 among many others companies and nominated it to participate in the spa almanac.
The Images Publishing Group  (est. 1983) is one of the world’s most prestigious international publishers of architecture and design titles, and provides a global platform that has influenced and showcased the world’s leading and emerging architects and designers for four decades. More than 300 high-profile architects have already appointed Images Publishing to publish important articles about their works.

The materials NOLA7 contributed with are covering the following projects: Amatara Phuket, Berlin Park Hotel Vitosha, Le Meridien Zhengzhou, as well as Orpheus Palace Hotel and Spa. We will be publishing in the future editions of this Newsletter more on these projects. Amatara features the first Thai Hammam in the world, while the SPA as a whole has been nominated most luxurious SPA for 2017; Berlin Park Hotel Vitosha has an amazing swimming pool design and spa environment; the green solution for the vitality spa at Meridien Zhengzhou shows a completely different style and concept from Orpheus where the ancient legacy of the Thracian Kingdoms was recreated through the spa interior.

Have you considered a water park yet? Here are 4 reasons why you should!


The water parks are there to find the balance between thrill and comfort for the majority of preferences. Some of us love the excitement of being helplessly twisted, turned, splashed into water with great speed! No one seems to be immune to the happiness caused by the endorphin boost, and the bottom of the slide is usually a place where the most beautiful smiles (even from the grumpiest faces) can be seen! Still some are not the thrill seekers and there is nothing wrong with that. The water park is a place where everyone can find and follow their own rhythm – apart from riding the slides, you can relax, read your favorite book while getting your Vitamin D and tan from the sun or have a go at the bar or restaurants . And there are plenty of smooth, relaxing rides – why not take your favorite cocktail and take a ride on the “lazy river”?

A great feature of water parks is the added safety and comfort for parents. That’s the reason why so many families chose to make a mandatory stop at the parks! All the rides undergo vigorous testing before they are put online, and staff is there to ensure instructions are followed, so it’s guaranteed that even the most breath-catching slides are safe from harm. Additionally, since it’s an enclosed area – children can play freely without the risk of going too far in their games. Well, supervision is of course a parent’s responsibility, but the excitement from the slides keeps the little ones happy for hours on end. Meanwhile parents can take some quality time for themselves.

Water parks are rarely alike – they come in all shapes and sizes. Indoor or outdoor, branded thematic or educational, with or without in-house accommodation, you name it! And as for the importance of the thrill of the ride vouch the tens of thousands zealous followers that travel the world to experience a newly opened park, or a new design of a slide. Some people turn into water park “junkies”! Just go to to see what I mean… These might be the pickiest guests of a park – they will easily spot the differences of the rides and complain or commend the facilities – but let’s face it – they are the ones that drive the innovation forward, and are the most passionate about the slides.

Water parks are great for local tourism, communities and economy. It’s one of those things you do good, by feeling good. A water park can attract tourism to remote areas, or promote historical heritage sites. The boost to income and employment can be a regional game changer. More and more water parks are being considered as an option for public spending of municipalities, due to the ability to build healthy communities by getting people together in a pleasant and welcoming way.

Converting an old dusty room into a starry snow room

ice room tasia

You have got this old dusty room or basement that you are thinking of how to make it really look different and surprising for your friends and guests, in a totally unique manner and … function. A starry snowy room can be a one off solution for you.

Before anything, remember that any cold treatments are to be applied in conjunction with a hot one such as a hot shower, swimming pool or a sauna or, if you are really big on the experience, all of these can be done altogether.

You will have a beautiful cold room designed and decorated with a moon fire effects, artificial rocks and ice and snow covering parts of the room or, if preferred, even greater parts of the room combined with a spectacular snow falling attraction from the starry night sky – a ceiling that is going to emanate the peacefulness of the universe.

How will you use your snow room? First of all, the main wellness function will be to improve your blood circulation and wake up your immune system, for you will also become more alert but at the same time your good mood will return and all the stress of the busy day will immediately go away. Moreover, your skin and hair will become shinier and healthier. It is a super great experience recommended to everyone who wishes to stimulate and improve the body and mind.

You shall have no issues using a snow room if you are not sick with fever and you haven’t used alcohol before that. If you feel brave enough to jump into the cold premise, this adventure is for you and you can make of it your own wellness habit.

Nonetheless, forget about the cold and snow rooms if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions.

Pushing the boundaries further. A cold / snow room that is used for wellness can also be used for fun and sharing with others. For example, an ice table and an ice bench can be added up to the décor. By only doing this, you will already have a cold guest room with a combined functionality.

Using it as a place to invite friends, this time wearing warm cloths, they will be able to sit and stay for not more than an hour enjoying a drink and the play of the falling snow, the lights and colours from the ceiling and all around the room. Low temperatures will stimulate brain activity, while a cup of a stylish tea will warm up the conversation. A totally relaxing experience is guaranteed from a busy day. Sound proof isolation in some cases can bring an extra comfort.

Finally, when already warmed up taking a very hot shower or staying in a cozy sauna, you can put off the cloths and hop into the room with your swimming suit to challenge yourself and boost your defense system through the cold wellness effect.

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