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SPA tourism complex „Starosel“


SPA „Starosel“ and SPA „Thracian residence“ are among the pearls in the crown of the Bulgarian SPA centers. Both spas enjoy their guests with thermal mineral water, unique style and first-class facilities. Among the therapies offered, you can enjoy classic and wine treatments, each of which offers unparalleled enjoyment of the senses and health benefits.

Villa Rosa, Razgrad, Bulgaria


Der Wasserpark Vazrajdane ist fast fertig, Sofia, Bulgarien

Aquapark Vazrajdane6102019

Aquapark Vazrajdane5102019 Aquapark Vazrajdane6102019

(English) Automated SPA Zone from NOLA 7 Bulgaria

Начален екран на управлението

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch und Bulgarisch verfügbar.

Workflow at NEPTUN Aquapark, Sozopol city, Bulgaria

07 copy

04 copy

Работен процес в Аквапарк „НЕПТУН“

02 copy
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