The water parks are there to find the balance between thrill and comfort for the majority of preferences. Some of us love the excitement of being helplessly twisted, turned, splashed into water with great speed! No one seems to be immune to the happiness caused by the endorphin boost, and the bottom of the slide is usually a place where the most beautiful smiles (even from the grumpiest faces) can be seen! Still some are not the thrill seekers and there is nothing wrong with that. The water park is a place where everyone can find and follow their own rhythm – apart from riding the slides, you can relax, read your favorite book while getting your Vitamin D and tan from the sun or have a go at the bar or restaurants . And there are plenty of smooth, relaxing rides – why not take your favorite cocktail and take a ride on the “lazy river”?

A great feature of water parks is the added safety and comfort for parents. That’s the reason why so many families chose to make a mandatory stop at the parks! All the rides undergo vigorous testing before they are put online, and staff is there to ensure instructions are followed, so it’s guaranteed that even the most breath-catching slides are safe from harm. Additionally, since it’s an enclosed area – children can play freely without the risk of going too far in their games. Well, supervision is of course a parent’s responsibility, but the excitement from the slides keeps the little ones happy for hours on end. Meanwhile parents can take some quality time for themselves.

Water parks are rarely alike – they come in all shapes and sizes. Indoor or outdoor, branded thematic or educational, with or without in-house accommodation, you name it! And as for the importance of the thrill of the ride vouch the tens of thousands zealous followers that travel the world to experience a newly opened park, or a new design of a slide. Some people turn into water park “junkies”! Just go to http://www.themeparkreview.com/ to see what I mean… These might be the pickiest guests of a park – they will easily spot the differences of the rides and complain or commend the facilities – but let’s face it – they are the ones that drive the innovation forward, and are the most passionate about the slides.

Water parks are great for local tourism, communities and economy. It’s one of those things you do good, by feeling good. A water park can attract tourism to remote areas, or promote historical heritage sites. The boost to income and employment can be a regional game changer. More and more water parks are being considered as an option for public spending of municipalities, due to the ability to build healthy communities by getting people together in a pleasant and welcoming way.