The typical water park is located on a ground in the open with a relatively large area with the possibility of further development and installation of new attractions. The water parks can have a thematic profile, be organised according to the age group or according to their level of extremity. The operation of the outdoor water park is dependent on seasonal factors.



The construction of outdoor water parks design also includes the slides, wave equipment, and equipment for artificial rivers, interactive games for children, thematic elements such as figures, waterfalls, and other artificial rock, sports circuits in stainless steel for parks, institutions and residential complexes.
We are dedicated to manage all our projects from start to finish, with craftsmanship and attention to detail being our primary focus. Our skilled staff comprises of veteran experts from various fields who have gone over every possible scenario in the construction industry. We provide our clients, among others, the following services and products: Preliminary studies; Feasibility study; Conceptual design; Architectural design; Interior/Exterior design; Zoning; Selection of Attractions; Selection of Equipment; Water treatment technology; Customer safety system development; Estimation of the initial investment.
If you have a water park construction project and you are searching for a trusted contractor to handle it, NOLA7 is the company to count on. Our full-time office staff is available to help you personally with all of your construction concerns.


Sunset Aquapark
Pomorie, Bulgaria
Aquapark Neptun
Ravadinovo, Bulgaria
Azalia Hotel Balneo & Spa
St. St. Constantine & Helena, Bulgaria
Aqua Park Cleopatra,
Mangalia, Romania