Thermo therapeutics encompass all treatments based on heat, moist, coldness, healing mud and lye as a remedy. In terms of healing components, dry heat, humid heat, gelidness (cryotherapy), mud, peat, lixivium therapies as well as paraffin is used.
Therapies with dry heat: all types of saunas with varying temperatures – Finnish, herbal, aroma, infrared and others.
Therapies with humid heat: all types of baths based on steam – steam bath, salt bath and others.
Gelid therapies (cryotherapy): all types of facilities and equipment used for cooling – ice and cryo-chambers, treatment rooms for healing though ice.
Therapies with paraffin: all paraffin based treatments:
Mud / Lye (Fango and Pelotherapies):   Treatments based upon the application of different types of mud (peat, mineral, volcanic) or lixivium.