Water Areas

Kneipp Trail

A system with consecutively connected tubes with cold and lukewarm water. The therapy envigorates the whole day.

Adventure shower

System with different water temperatures and nozzles with different sprinkling pattern and pressure. Combination between water, music, aromas and lights show create a relaxing adventure for the body.

Feet tube

Warm bathtubes for the feet before and after the sauna. The therapy with cold and warm water in the tube calms and restores the circulation in the feet.

Charcot shower

A system of different strong water spouts that are hitting the body from a distance of between 3 and 4 m. Warm and cold water spouts are pouring over the body and are refreshing the body as a whole.

Vichy shower

A system of horizontal pouring niddle and rain – like jets. The temperature, the pressure and the angle of water pouring is being regulated. In this way, a massage on the reflectory zones from the human body is realised.