Automated SPA Zone from NOLA 7!

NOLA 7 brings to your attention the concept of automated SPA zones. Technology is entering every area of the everyday life of modern societies. Now you can take advantage of the Automated SPA area with all the controls and relaxation features included.

The concept of an automated SPA zone is intended to offer customers with efficient utilization of energy resources and minimal impact on the environment:
  • Providing comfort to the SPA area users;
  • Easy accessibility;
  • Monitoring;
  • User safety.
An important advantage in terms of health and comfort in the SPA area is the precise and joint operation of the ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems. They provide the necessary microclimate for each room according to its needs. Automation and the right concept allow systems to operate as efficiently as possible at low cost. Easy accessibility is the ability to create different scenes, ensuring that the operation of the entire spa is changed at the touch of a button.

Such pre-set scenes can be, for example:
  • At the opening of the SPA center with one push of the screen button, all the facilities will operate at 50%, as well as the lighting in the separate zones in order to reduce the consumption of electricity;
  • With an increased workload with one push of a screen button and without unnecessary movements of the operating staff, it is possible to switch all systems to 100% operation, as well as to switch off the whole spa at one push;
  • Allows separate access to each room of all control systems from one place and many others.
Monitoring provides real-time monitoring of the values in each room, as well as assessing the need for corrections related to the proper functioning and operation of the facilities. It is also a unique feature of remote monitoring of all systems. Automation enables the installation of security systems that increase the safety of use of any equipment and timely notification of a problem in order to take real adequate measures:
  • fire alarm system;
  • panic system;
  • access control system.

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