Wellness is a concept that summarizes modern notions of mental and physical well-being. Modern wellness and СПА centers provide opportunities for relaxation and stress relief, purification of the body and optimization of metabolism, prevention and even treatment of certain diseases through various water, thermal and relaxing procedures.

The types of wellness centers are determined depending on the location and characteristics of the users:

· Urban;
· Ayurveda;
· Hotel;
· Holistic;
· SPA apartments;
· Destination;
· SPA based on local culture;
· SPA for mental health;
· Centers in residential complexes;
· Wellness combined with a historical or other types of museums and others.
Wellness complexes with therapeutic focus

Apart from the wellness centers with prophylactic orientation and the places for recreation, there are also balneological complexes. With the help of mineral water and special procedures, they offer the opportunity to relieve and treat various types of diseases - musculoskeletal system and skin, respiratory disorders and even psychosomatic disorders. These are:

· Balneotherapy centers;
· Sports rehabilitation;
· Places for prevention of various diseases;
· Rehabilitation centers;
· Medical and beauty centers;
· Anti-aging centers, etc.

Features of building a successful wellness center

The creation of a successful wellness center requires special attention at every stage - from the conceptual design to its opening, operation and maintenance.

Depending on the location, type, users, natural resources and other conditions, the selection of procedures is carried out and the necessary wellness rooms and facilities are determined. When it comes to the balneological type, natural resources, mineral springs that can be used are taken into account, a concept for balneotherapy is developed and the economic feasibility, together with the return, is studied.

In accordance with the overall architecture of the wellness project:

· The conceptual plan of the spa complex and the zoning of the premises is prepared;
· Human flows are planned for its convenient and efficient use;
· The vision is designed;
· The selection and placement of technological equipment and furniture is performed;
· At the technical design phase, a basic facility-by-facility design begins.

In the implementation of the spa complexes, the vision and the technologies used are very important. They determine the level of wellness centers, which naturally sifts out the clientele. If the project is located in a hotel, a well-executed spa will increase the price of the rooms and will contribute to its success. The hotel, which is an established SPA destination, is full all year round.

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