EOS, Germany - sauna and steam equipment

EOS has over 75 years of company history and is developing and building sauna technology for more than 50 years for the international superior and luxury market.
Their product portfolio contains trendsetting and high-quality electric sauna heaters as well as corresponding sauna controls for the usage in private and commercial sauna facilities.Furthermore, it also includes infrared technology, steam room equipment and a wide range of accessories. The sauna heaters are characterized by modern design and an immense power range from 3 to 72 kW. Innovative strength ensures the satisfaction of the individual demands of our customers on the highest quality level. EOS develops and produces products exclusively at their headquarters in Germany. Ease of use, conformity to standards and maximum product safety are mandatory for  all EOS products. Therefore, EOS excellent and durable products guarantee relaxation and well-being in more than 80 countries all over the world.