Consulting services

NOLA 7 considers as its mission to establish the vision for Bulgaria as a wellness destination in Europe. That is why we offer consulting services in favor of the development of the tourism industry and the wellness and water entertainment sector in particular.

Consulting services in the tourism industry

Our specialists have excellent training and experience and can be useful to you in developing:

· Strategy for tourism development and creation of competitive tourist products;

· Programs for strategic development of tourism on national and regional level;

· Global consulting services in the field of tourism;

· Cluster strategies in the tourism industry;

· Strategy for improving the economic efficiency of the tourist complex;

· Assessment of energy and demographic resources;

· Plan for development of the tourist infrastructure;

· Management of the process of implementation of the tourist concept on national and regional level;

· Development of the urban environment and urban design;

· Search and attraction of corporate investors;

· Environmental consulting;

· Ensuring the economic efficiency of the created concepts by linking them with the final results of the implementation.

Consulting in the wellness and water entertainment sector of the tourism industry

When planning to invest in the wellness and water entertainment sector, you need to consider many factors and make crucial choices. They require high specialized training and experience. We can help you with our professional knowledge and specific know-how developed over a quarter of a century. We are at your disposal for:

· Development of concepts for the water and entertainment sector;

· Medi SPA - planning and development;

· Business plans and feasibility study;

· Wellness project management;

· Process management in complex designs of wellness projects;

· Strategy for improving the economic efficiency of the tourist complex;

· Development of programs for recreation and tourism;

· Consulting in preparation for operation;

· SPA management;

· Functional audit.

Contact us and ask for the consultation you need! We will respond with pleasure!

Specialized marketing and investment services

Do you have a wellness project and want to finance it? You want to invest in the wellness industry, but you lack experience and knowledge?

In NOLA 7, we will design its use and operation, we will evaluate it and we will find financing for it. It is up to you to make a decision and implement it with our help.

We will perform:

· Market research;

· Competition analysis;

· SWOT analysis;

· Product positioning and services;

· Marketing and sales strategies;

· Compilation of basic financial indicators;

· Financial forecasting;

· ROI analysis;

· Cash flow analysis;

· Criteria for personnel selection and management.

The wellness industry provides excellent business opportunities and we will help you to take advantage of them. Contact us!