Pre-feasibility study

Why is a feasibility study needed?

The feasibility study is mandatory for every wellness project - from the luxury SPA center and the huge water park, to the home sauna. It has the task to specify the defining issues for the project:

· Purpose;

· Expediency;

· Purpose - whether it will have a destination significance, or will provide entertainment to hotel guests;

· Usefulness - who will use it and for what.

In the feasibility study, NOLA 7 clarifies the economic feasibility of the project and helps you decide whether the investment is worth it and what the return will be. At this stage we:

· Make a financial justification, based on the estimated use and prices;

· Study the competition;

· Develop a functional scheme.

What services do we offer at the feasibility study stage?

· Design of SPA and wellness therapies (programs).

· Choice of water attractions.

· Choice of vision and leading design.

· Design of complex projects.

· Design and process management.

· Project implementation management.

· Consulting in preparation for operation.

· Functional auditing.

For over a quarter of a century, NOLA 7 has carried out a feasibility study for more than 720,000 square meters of projects for wellness centers and water and leisure facilities - small and large.

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