Family pools

Family pools are designed for private exploitation and are used by family and friends. They can be shared by several neighboring properties, being built, maintained and used jointly by the co-owners.

The market offers an impressive variety of:

· Construction technologies;

· Dimensions, shapes and depths of the facilities;

· Equipment and maintenance;

· Design, vision, cladding and finishing layout.

Thus, in practice, family pools are available for every family.

When choosing your pool, pay special attention to its functionality. It must be:

· Big enough to meet the needs of the family;

· Convenient to use;

· Easy to maintain and service;

· Suitable for the style and vision of your home and yard.

We can build for you the most suitable pool - monolithic or modular, large or small, extravagant or with an emphasis on functionality. We import the best equipment, use reliable technologies, produce our own filters for cleaning and linings.

Contact us and tell us how you imagine your family pool! We will build it.