Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is considered a classic wooden sauna:

· It is the hottest room in the wellness centers;
· The air temperature in it is between 80 ° C and 110 ° C;
· Humidity is low.

The high temperatures are achieved by means of a special sauna stove, on which volcanic stones are placed. When heated, they emit heat and heat the air. Stoves can be electric or wood.

It is recommended to cool down after a stay in the hot room - with a cold shower, in a cold pool or in an ice room.

What wood is used for the Finnish sauna?

For the wood paneling of the walls and ceiling, low resin coniferous species such as white pine and spruce are preferred. You can also use deciduous wood from aspen, cedar or other species that can withstand shock temperature changes.

The sauna, lined with cedar, is also suitable for aromatherapy, because of the invigorating aroma that favors breathing and maintains tone.

The African abachi tree is widely used for benches, whose wood is not heated as much as other species. But of course, like other wellness rooms, the Finnish sauna is undergoing modernization and the materials used to make it are becoming more diverse.

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