Classic steam bath

We have known the classic steam bath since the Roman baths. They used to call it a caldarium in the past. Its distinctive features are:

• Temperature about 45 ° C;

• High humidity;

• Steam generator for sterile steam, which is taken to the bathroom;

• Memorable design - interesting architectural elements are complemented by exquisite panels of handmade ceramics, jars for fragrances and accessories, artistic lighting. Ceramic and glass-ceramic art wall coverings, anatomical benches and armchairs are typical. ;

• Polls borrowed from the Turkish bath, if the design of the room allows them. Otherwise, there must be a shower head for rinsing the body.

Benefits of the classic steam bath

In the classic steam bath, the simultaneous action of heat and moisture stimulates the circulation of fluids in the body and effectively cleanses the skin. Muscles and tendons relax, joint pain subsides. Caldarium is a soft and effective means of restoring vitality and controlling stress. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, with cycles of 20 minutes and a subsequent cooling procedure.

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