About NOLA 7

Our company has over 120 specialists with over 27 years of experience in planning and consulting; design; construction and maintenance of various types of wellness projects, such as:

    Wellness and spa centers;
    Water parks;
    Sophisticated swimming pool systems;
    Animated musical fountains;
    Sports centers;
    Private spa facilities;

Each type of project consists of one or more wellness facilities, which you can view here. In Bulgaria we have the most extensive network of 7 offices, in order to be close  to our customers. Through our own companies and partners, we work in Romania, Great Britain, China, Qatar and other countries. We invest all our energy and passion to create the best personalized solutions that will quickly return your investment. We consult and guide our clients through all stages of the realization of the sites, guaranteeing their timely, correct and professional implementation and their optimal operation and maintenance.

NOLA 7's operational methodology and approach to developing know-how embodies the energy and passion needed to provide the best customized design solutions that are designed to have a successful and sustainable lifecycle. The company uses its own technological and production resources through their requirements, preferences and interests, through all stages of the process of implementation of the project to ultimately ensure its professional implementation and use. The company's range of services is complemented by reports and assessments related to trends and various aspects of the company's specific market niche and its constantly evolving nature, including (but not limited to) initiating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development strategies.