Mission and vision

The company's mission is to provide the best solution for the specific project in terms of utility for the customer of the facilities - for quick return, easy operation, health and pleasure.

The company provides its clients with consulting and engineering services in the industrial niche for wellness and water leisure, from concept planning to final completion, through the skills of a highly qualified and experienced professional team. The basic concept behind the work of NOLA 7 is based on the principle of planning, designing and implementing sustainable solutions to the specific requirements and preferences of the end customer, as well as the constant application of the emphasis on aesthetically pleasing and exclusive vision that materializes a well-functioning and optimized, unique final product. The company's operating model uses innovative design services, supporting the latest design and implementation technologies.

And the vision! It is nationally useful ...
Bulgaria to rank first in Europe as a wellness destination.

The status of NOLA 7 has been achieved by bringing together broad areas of expertise and the ability to provide advice, design and management during each phase of project development. This allows NOLA 7 to take an integrated approach to the workflow, from the concept phase to the subsequent operation. The overall approach of the model expertise - in terms of the implementation of complex projects - is based on impeccable modern capabilities and skills for modeling, design, analysis and execution.

We are your partner for wellness investments.


Since its foundation in 1994, the company has grown, but not aged. The specific niche of wellness and art construction, in which it works, surpasses most businesses in terms of efficiency and although it is one of the most difficult spheres to operate in, NOLA 7 manages to continuously generate quality end results.