Construction and implementation

The implementation of each project is a complex process in which specialists with different competences participate. It runs smoothly only with excellent coordination between contractor and investor. Lack of understanding can ruin even a brilliant project. To ensure the best possible and sustainable quality for your project, take advantae of NOLA 7's turn key implementation process and approach.

For over a quarter of a century, NOLA 7 has completed projects for more than 300 000 square meters of wellness centers and water and entertainment facilities - small and large.

Working design and engineering

After the technical design is adopted, the basis working designs are developed for the individual facilities, units, details and features of the site.

The working design is based on the know-how of NOLA 7, which has been developed and validated for more than a quarter of a century. It guarantees the implementation and trouble-free operation of wellness facilities. The technologies used are time-tested, and the incorporation of innovations follows a specific order to ensure their quality and applicability. The selected technologies and the beautiful, impressive vision are what makes the wellness and SPA facilities distinctive, ensures smooth operation and good ROI.
The working design guarantees smooth and easy implementation not only of small sites of several facilities, but also of large investment projects, for which reliability over time is a fundamental condition for guaranteeing the ROI.


After the completion of the working design, up to 90% of all specifications of the required materials are clarified. Their delivery and production, assembly, preparation and subsequent installation begin. Now is the time for the main equipment and vision of the site to be agreed with the investor again.

Own production

NOLA 7 is the only company in the region with its own production of hand ceramics and modules for furnishing wellness rooms.

In our studio, artists and ceramics make original mosaics and panels of ceramics and glass-ceramics by hand. This way we guarantee that the wellness rooms under construction have a high degree of individualization, authentic style and luxury.

The modules for furnishing wellness and swimming pools have been developed and patented by the company. We are constantly creating new products with innovative designs and ensuring the unique look of our projects.

We maintain our own production of water purification filters. They are safe and reliable, have no defects and guarantee the cleanliness of your pool.

Own technology department

Wellness centers and water parks are subject to continuous technological innovation. That's why NOLA 7 has its own technology department that monitors, adapts and applies innovations.

We are among the first to introduce maintenance of chlorine-free pools. We use different systems - ozonators, UV lamps, ionizing.

In case of chlorine disinfection, the guarantee for compliance with the safe norms is provided by automatic dosing or direct production of chlorine in the pool (or next to it) through salt electrolysis systems.

Even the simplest technology we implement goes through the quality control of our technology department. All technologies are strictly associated with the know-how of the company.

Installation and warranties

The installation of the equipment is performed by the authorized technical team of the company. It provides quality installation and reliability in its use for years ahead. The guarantees provided by NOLA 7 are according to the terms required by the Spatial Development Act.

The trouble-free installation of the equipment depends a lot on the resulting communication with the investor and is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation on the site afterwards, as the type of activities that NOLA can handle successfully include (but are not limited to):

- Supply and installation of plumbing (technical) equipment for swimming pools, slides, water structures, SPA and wellness facilities and premises;
- Supply and installation of electrical equipment, electrical panels, as well as control, automation and monitoring equipment;
- Supply and installation of waterproofing, as well as delivery and installation of cladding for pools, SPA, wellness, common areas and more, as well as delivery and installation of joints;
- Execution of preparatory construction activities and preparation of concrete surfaces and finishing, before the implementation of the cladding;
- Dry construction in SPA and wellness areas;
- Supply and installation of slides and water structures;
- Automation, monitoring and control of swimming pools, slides, SPA and wellness;
- Supply and installation of all types of automatic control systems for the water disinfection processes;
- Supply and installation of water heating systems, cooling systems for the SPA and wellness areas, snow rooms and cryogenic therapies;
- Supply and installation of LED lighting in swimming pools, SPA and wellness areas;

Equipment testing and staff training

In this last stage of implementation, the equipment and the technologies are tested in real conditions in a certain order and monitored accordingly. The visual communication, the inscriptions of the technical systems, the instructions for use of each equipment, unit and facility are made. The staff for operational use and conduct of the procedures and the technical person responsible for monitoring the operation of the entire site are trained.

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