Technical design

The technical project specifies the concept and provides a basis for development and implementation of the investment intention. There are two main components - design and technology of the wellness site:

Vision design and functionality

The plans for this part of the technical design that NOLA 7 is preparing show:

· The functional purpose of the areas;

· The location of furniture and equipment;

· The selection of colors and ranges;

· Basic materials.

We can make realistic visualizations to see what the project will look like in the finished form.

The emphasis in the technical design project is determined by the type of object. Thus, for a wellness and SPA center the vision is critical, and for a water park - the functionality of the facilities is much more important. In the event of a conflict, this is the decisive criteria that determines the final decision.

Technological design and equipment

The choice of technology determines how easy and trouble-free the future operation of the implemented investment project will be. This is a fact for the huge SPA and water park with many facilities, as well as for the single steam cabin at home. The line between innovation and technology reliability is very thin.

NOLA 7's experience of over a quarter of a century of developing wellness projects allows us to quickly and reliably select and implement technological innovations. After all, you, the investor, have a unique facility, in terms of design and technology without risks of problems and difficult operation, because it is the first time that certain technical and technological solutions are applied.

After the preparation of the technological project you get clarity about:
· The design of the project;

· The pledged equipment;

· Its operational functionality.

At this stage, the assignments by the investor or the main contractor by specifications, by aspects of the construction and by technologies - plumbing, electrical and others - are ready. This makes it possible to set requirements for specific wellness parts in the general drawings for the whole project.

Refinement of budgeting

Once the technical project is ready, the preliminary budget is specified to the extent that after the completion of the project the estimated investment differs from the real one only in separate parts.

For over a quarter of a century, NOLA 7 has provided offers for more than 550,000 square meters of wellness centers and water and leisure facilities - small and large.

Contact us if you need additional clear in the order of design of wellness facilities.