About NOLA7

NOLA7, founded in 1994, is a leader in the water leisure industry. For the last 25 years, Nola7 has acted as a global source of solutions for its wide network of customers and partners. Over 3000 projects in 26 countries are part of the company's portfolio.
NOLA7's advantage as a 'one stop shop' gives an edge to our perfomance via a competitive market price for a wide range of projects from picturesque water cascades and fountains to lavish water oases of relaxation for healthier bodies and minds.
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    NOLA7 designs and builds projects to stand the test of time. We write your family story by awakening emotions, enjoyment and pleasurable moments.

    We consciously listen to and embrace our client’s individual vision, wishes and branding to create tailored design solutions to accelerate their return on investment.

    NOLA7 provides unique “turn key” solutions combining, under one roof, exclusive in house design and manufacturing with precise execution of the works.

    Our project management strategy relies heavily on our own capabilities even for the most complex of our projects.

    We strive to excel in project delivery within scope, time and budget to the best satisfaction of our clients.

    НОЛА7 проектира и изгражда неповторими по своя дизайн и архитектура обекти и съоръжения във водно-развлекателния сектор.

    Нашите проекти се отличват със своята уникалност, актуалност и издръжливост във времето, като същевременно пробуждат сетивата и създават вълни от емоции.

    Чрез своите специални решения ''до ключ'' НОЛА7 комбинира под един покрив ексклузивен дизайн, проектиране, производство и прецизно изпълнение на заданията.

    Влагаме цялата си енергия и ноу-хау, за да създаваме персонализирани проектни решения, които доказано възвръщат инвестицията си във времето.

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